Created by Curran

We are a proud family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the flooring industry. Inspired by the timeless beauty of natural fibers, we offer a collection of premium natural-look floor coverings suitable for use in commercial and hospitality spaces.

Located in Seattle, New York, and The Netherlands, we support our global customers to elevate their projects with our exclusive assortment of made-to-size area rugs and carpets.

As a specialist in natural-look carpets, we understand the limitations of natural fibers. That’s why we made it our mission to design a new product with the look, texture, and sustainability of sisal that cleans easily, is softer underfoot, and is durable enough to go anywhere.

The result?

SynSisal® - Sisal Without Limits.

SynSisal | Astoria | Bark
Astoria | Bark

Resilience Without Compromise

To arrive at SynSisal®, the team at Curran applied our decades of experience in sourcing and selling natural fiber flooring.

We worked with European suppliers and manufacturers to design unique yarn blends and weave them into classic, beautiful sisal weave patterns.

SynSisal® is woven in Europe with 100% ECONYL® nylon. Consciously created from reclaimed fishing nets and other post-consumer waste, this recyclable and regenerable yarn satisfies our ambition for a sustainable alternative to traditional synthetics and meets all contract-grade specifications.

Feel good about the materials you use.


Acclaimed hospitality, commercial, and residential designers have embraced the natural look and feel of SynSisal in award-winning projects with stunning results.